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Ready Set

In order for your students to succeed academically, they need to have social, emotional, and behavioral skills that they often don’t get anywhere else. Implementing programs strongly impacts student success, but one-size-fits-all approaches are often ineffective and expensive.

Ready SET is a comprehensive training framework that helps your school create a safe and ready environment.


Many schools are currently engaged in multiple efforts to increase school safety, improve school climate, and strengthen academic outcomes. Ready SET encourages you to consider your own school culture, community factors, and current programs to identify and build on your strengths. Then, the framework guides you through shaping the plan for your school, so every student has the support they need to succeed.

Ready SET is based on behavioral and emotional strategies and interventions supported by research in the following areas:

Developing safe and ready schools

Increasing behavioral readiness

Integrating socioemotional learning competencies

Changing student behavior

Preparing for crisis responses

Supporting students who have experienced trauma or suicidal ideation



The Ready SET Manual and Toolkit can be accessed by signing up here.
The materials are available for your use; however, the comprehensive Ready SET framework includes a two-day training, an assessment of your school’s culture and current policies and programs, and ongoing coaching and technical assistance throughout the academic year.

Initial Training

Ready SET utilizes a train-the-trainer model, which allows school personnel to become experts in the content and encourages those involved to advocate for successful implementation. The Clearinghouse team will deliver an initial two-day training for select personnel at your school. This group will become the Go! Team, and they will receive training in all five content areas while providing information about your school. At the end of the two-day training, the Clearinghouse will help the GO! Team members begin to prepare to facilitate the training and implementation of the Ready SET framework for the rest of the school. This may be done through professional learning communities, professional development sessions, or another option that fits the structure and schedule of your school.

Integrating your School’s Culture

During the initial training, the Clearinghouse team will gather information and receive feedback from the Go! Team to identify:

  • Ready SET strategies and tools that fit within current school policies and programs
  • School and personnel strengths to support Ready SET strategies and tools
  • Challenges and potential solutions to implementation

We will work together to meet your school’s unique needs – which means that you will be sure that you’re applying the best strategies to suit your students.

Ongoing coaching & implementation

All personnel from participating schools will receive our Ready SET manual and supplemental tools. Throughout the school year, the GO! Team will lead training discussions for other school personnel using the Ready SET content and lead efforts to implement change throughout the school. During this process, implementation experts from the Clearinghouse will support the Go! Team in ongoing coaching sessions.

The Go! Team will receive coaching and assistance from the Clearinghouse team on:

  • Ready SET content
  • Integration of Ready SET strategies and tools within existing frameworks
  • Contextual considerations
  • Implementation successes and solutions to implementation challenges
  • Guidance in presenting Ready SET content to other personnel

Finally, we’ll help you assess how well your school is doing on their path to being Ready SET and make changes to you framework to ensure that you get the results you need.

Contact the Clearinghouse today to make your school Ready SET!

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